A fleet of 100 shared e-bikes arrives in Calgary just in time for summer

It’s no secret that Calgarians love e-scooters (we were the first Canadian city to record a million rides), and now another fun and alternative form of shared transportation will hit the streets of the city this summer.

Neuron Mobility, Canada’s fastest growing e-scooter enabler, is launching a fleet of e-bikes in Calgary this week, following a successful first year of operation in the city.

The fleet of 100 bikes will be deployed on June 1, making Calgary the last Canadian city with this offer from Neuron.

According to a press release from Neuron Mobility, this new aspect of the city’s shared micromobility program will allow riders to use the mode of transportation that best suits them based on their preferences and travel time.

“Locals and visitors alike have strongly embraced Calgary’s e-scooter program,” Ankush Karwal, market manager for Neuron in Canada, said in the release. “and we’re excited to add Neuron’s e-bikes to the shared micromobility services on offer, giving cyclists a safer and more sustainable option for getting around the city.”

A 2021 Neuron survey of Calgary riders found that the city’s shared e-scooter program helped boost the local economy, with 62% of riders making purchases from local Calgary businesses on their trips. trips while exploring the city.

Calgary cyclists can choose between an e-scooter or an e-bike for the same price, depending on their preferences and type of ride, and rides for both can be booked using the Neuron app. . Neuron Passes also cover both modes of transport.

The Calgary e-bike riding zone will be the same as the current e-scooter zone and will include preferred parking areas throughout.

E-bikes are allowed on cycle paths, multi-use paths and roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less. The electric bike is not allowed on the sidewalks.

If you take an electric scooter instead, scooter riding is allowed on bike lanes, multi-use lanes, empty sidewalks, and roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less.

With safety at the forefront, Neuron e-bikes feature a range of cutting-edge features, including integrated headsets, geofencing control, 911 emergency button, voice guidance, rollover detection and “Follow my Ride” function.

Calgary Neuron riders must be at least 18 years old and only one person at a time is allowed on the e-bike or e-scooter. This does not include tandem riding with children.

“The addition of e-bikes will build on the success of Calgary’s e-scooter program to date,” the statement read. “Since launching the company in Calgary in 2021, Neuron electric scooter riders have covered over 780,000 kilometers in the city.”

Download the Neuronal mobility today and ride an e-bike and scooter this summer, Calgary!

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