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As any card-carrying comic nerd will tell you, a good comic book store needs more than comics to keep you coming back. With digital comics and online retailers all vying for your hard-earned cash, a store needs to make you feel part of a community — and a league of your own. Goblin’s Heist Comics (formerly Tattoos and Comics) fosters that sense of community and camaraderie among geek culture aficionados in a way that makes you want to come in every week for a comic but stay for the conversation. Along with offering a wide selection of new and old comics, graphic novels, action figures, toys, and stickers, this Hialeah comic book shop serves as a gathering hub for the local geek and art scenes. Once every two months, Goblin’s Heist hosts “Goblin Fest,” a block party and arts festival that includes video game tournaments, musical performances, and showcases by local artists. You can also pick up a ton of comics at deeply discounted prices, so you can keep up to date with the latest Avengers and Justice League escapades at a bargain price. The next Goblin Fest is slated for October, and you can check out the store’s Instagram page, @goblinsheist, for more lineup info. Even if you can’t join the party, stop by the shop and strike up a conversation with the staff. If you don’t know what kind of comic you’re looking for, they’ll help you find it, and you’ll most likely make some friends along the way. Open daily from noon to 9 p.m.

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