Beware of Modified E-Bikes in Maharashtra, Government Warns Strict Action

Aftermarket vehicle modification is a popular culture in India that helps to improve the looks and features beyond what the manufacturer sells in showrooms.

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03 June 2022, 15:48

The Maharashtra government has warned of strict measures against dealers and manufacturers of modified e-bikes. (File photo used for representation purposes)

Illegal modification of e-bikes will soon be subject to legal action in Maharashtra. The state government has said it may take action against those who modify e-bikes, whether they are dealers or private actors. Anil Parab, the state’s transport minister, issued a warning in this regard to those who sell two-wheelers after carrying out illegal modifications. The authorities can impose a fine of 1 lakh against dealers for selling such illegally modified e-bikes. For manufacturers who help modify these e-bikes could face a fine of up to 100 crore.

Aftermarket vehicle modification, which also involves cars and two-wheelers, is a popular culture in India that improves looks and features beyond what the manufacturer sells in showrooms. exposure. However, many changes have been made to vehicles which, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, are considered illegal. One of the most common modifications made to Indian vehicles is the bull bar to protect the bumpers.

Low speed e-bikes are also known as e-bikes in India. Most of these bikes available in India do not require any registration and the rider can ride them without a valid license or even without wearing a helmet. They are exempt from the processes required for other vehicles which are heavier and produce more speed. However, if modified, e-bikes with a top speed of less than 25 km/h can run at higher speeds.

The decision to take action against dealers and manufacturers of modified e-bikes was taken on Thursday, at a meeting convened by Ajit Pawar, Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister. The minister has instructed state RTO officials to monitor these illegal modifications. He said that already more than 2,000 such vehicles have been checked by the authorities. Action has been taken in over 600 such cases. “No violation of the rule will be tolerated if you want to ride these (low-speed e-bikes),” Parab said.

The minister also added that there have been several complaints about the use of modified e-bikes on the roads lately. He also warned against those who ride such modified e-bikes. He said the police will tow these vehicles and action will be taken against the owners for obstructing traffic if these e-bikes are not parked properly.

According to the Maharashtra Department of Transport, the state currently has around 93,000 registered e-bikes, which is more than 90% of all electric vehicles in the state. RTO offices across the state have launched a campaign against rule-breaking e-bikes.

Date of first publication: 03 Jun 2022, 15:48 IST

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