Bold new EBK series aims to be Formula E for e-bikes

The world’s first dedicated electric bike The racing championship will be launched this year and the organizers of the new E-Bike Grand Prix Racing (EBK) series aim to make it a pedal equivalent of the Formula E world championship, with frenetic races organized in a city rich in features. center course.

Although there have been dedicated e-bike categories in several professional racing events before, such as the E-MTB XC World Cup, this is the first series dedicated to e-bikes.

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The EBK’s inaugural season is expected to include 10 one-hour criterium-style races, each taking place on closed public roads in major cities, starting in Dubai. This reflects the approach of Formula E single-seater championship, which runs only on urban circuits.

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Ten teams will have the chance to participate in the series and will have to enter a female and male team to promote equality from the start.

Each team will be required to use a “spec” bike with a fixed frame, motor and battery. Swiss manufacturer BMC has secured a contract to supply them, but has not yet released any details on their appearance or technical specifications. Teams may provide other components.

EBK bosses have promised the rider roster will include “world-class athletes” and aims to attract interest from professional World Tour cycling teams.

The race format and the use of e-bikes should add an intriguing aspect to the race, and rider power is unlikely to be the key factor. The use of e-bikes will enable data-driven tactics and strategies, especially as the city center is likely to be cramped and technical.

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