Carlsbad Cracks Down On Reckless Drivers Of Electric Bikes, Scooters And Electric Skateboards – NBC 7 San Diego

After nearly 200 incidents involving e-bikes and bicycles in three years, Carlsbad has enacted a new set of laws in hopes of creating a safer environment for residents of the North County town.

The regulations took effect Thursday and also target unsafe riders of motorized scooters and other similar vehicles, including Segways and electric skateboards, city officials said. Violators will receive a citation or, in some cases, be offered the opportunity to take a safety course.

It’s unclear how often people get injured on e-bikes because most local police departments and hospitals don’t track e-bike injuries, NBC 7’s Mari Payton reports.

The new order directs operators to “ride with caution and reduce speed when necessary for safety”; prohibits passengers from riding on handlebars or other areas of motorized devices not specifically designed for additional passengers; and prohibited from attaching secondary devices, such as an additional bicycle. In addition, cyclists are prohibited from entering sidewalks, ditches, sports fields or gymnasiums, and they must also dismount their bicycles, e-bikes and other devices on all trails less than five feet or they are within 50 feet of a pedestrian or person on horseback.

Presumably, these bans would extend to the boardwalk, which, of course, is just a public sidewalk. The app does not target the type of e-scooters used by people with disabilities, officials said.

The new regulations come during National Bike Safety Month, when everyone, drivers and personal vehicle operators, are urged to share the road and ride safely.

NBC 7’s Consumer Bob examines the safety of students using e-bikes to school.

Thursday’s legal action was approved after “city council, Carlsbad police, city staff and community members ‘observed’ people riding e-bikes unsafely or violating safety code. road,” according to a press release sent Thursday.

The City of Carlsbad and the city’s school district plan to hold a bicycle and e-bike safety and education workshop on May 24 at 6 p.m. at the Pine Avenue Community Center. To attend, RSVP to Rosemary Eshelman Student Services Specialist at [email protected]

NBC 7 has requested information from Carlsbad officials regarding the cost of the quotes, but has yet to receive a response.

“If they are enforced and enforced, it will be a big improvement,” said Safe Walkways member Jonathan Freeman. NBC 7’s Artie Ojeda shares more about possible new scooter rules.

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