Electric Bikes, a Popular Item at Lincoln Bike Shops | State and Region

“I think it’s the freedom and the ability to go that far. You can explore so much more distance than you can on a normal bike.

They are not new. One of Lincoln’s oldest bike shops sold its first electric bike nearly 15 years ago, a Trek 900.

“And from the start, there were more smiles than anything I had ever seen,” said Kris Sonderup, owner of Cycle Works. “It didn’t matter if you were 15 or 60.”

But most of its buyers are closer to their sixties, cyclists who want to keep riding but are having a harder time.

“These let you go for a bike ride, and you’re not tired after an hour. Whatever challenge you might have, they keep you rolling.

For years, Sonderup’s e-bike sales have been steady but slow — his store usually kept one to two on the sales floor — but they started picking up several years ago.

Last week, he had nearly 20 e-bikes ready for sale. “It’s been growing about 50% a year, jumping more and more. We have really grown year by year.

Speedy Pete also started small.

After Long’s first try, he visited other bike shops, researched online and talked to e-bike owners. In 2018, it began selling e-bikes at its four Lincoln QP Ace Hardware stores. And when he built a new store the following year, he dedicated about 1,500 square feet of the building to a stand-alone e-bike store.

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