From Iceland – Danish-Icelandic company launches new e-bikes

If you’re looking for an e-bike, Danish-Icelandic company Hyggebikes is a new player on the scene, Viðskiptablaðið reports.

Hyggebikes was launched this year, and one of the founders, Friðfinnur Magnússon, told Viðskiptablaðið that he got the inspiration for the company while he was in Denmark.

“Hyggebikes is, as the name suggests, about a comfortable environment, experience and feel,” he told reporters. “We want our bikes to allow their users to experience precisely this kind of comfort in their bike. Our goal is to put our heart and soul into the project and do our best in materials and design, comfort being the top priority.We focus on listening to our customers and we want them to be satisfied with our products, to feel good about them.

They already have a variety of bikes to choose from, ranging from £1,199 to £1,999. They can be ordered online, but can also be purchased locally, at Vikurverk in Kopavogur.

Given the short-term popularity of electric scooters in Iceland, it’s entirely possible that Hyggebikes will take off in Iceland, but Friðfinnur says the company is also targeting mainland Europe.

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