Giant heist sees 127 e-bikes stolen from container

Most of the stolen e-bikes were Reign E+ models, featuring a large 750 Wh battery. (Photo: Giant Bikes)

  • In less than a month, there has been a second major theft of bicycles and bicycle components during transport.
  • As suppliers try to satisfy the huge demand for new bikes, the value of individual components increases.
  • Criminal networks recognize opportunities for theft and redistribution of coins.

After a bold truck theft in Germany took a shipment of new Shimano components, thieves hit a container in England, relieving it of many e-bikes.

Giant is one of most influential cycling brands with 12,000 global trading partners. On Thursday, the Taiwanese company confirmed that its UK operation suffered a major theft incident.

The thieves managed to open a container and effectively unload its contents onto another vehicle. What was inside the Giant container? No less than 127 electric bikes, including the brand’s latest Reign E+ models, were taken.

Mountain bike

Giant uses some of the best parts for their e-bikes. This makes it an ideal target for criminal dealers. (Photo: Giant Bikes)

There’s money to be made – in stolen bike parts

Giant has the scale required to compensate customers who may be frustrated by the delay in delivering their bikes. But the criminal trend is alarming.

Despite the best efforts of industrial engineers from various component suppliers, most online and physical retailers simply do not have adequate inventory. Rarely can racers get their prime components when considering an upgrade or crash damage repair.

Shipping delays are responsible for most of the scarcity in product delivery. And that creates an opportunity for criminal syndicates to steal complete bikes and dismantle them.

Reselling new bike parts can bring in much more than the actual purchase price of a complete bike. Once a stolen bicycle is broken into several parts, it is very difficult to trace the origin of all these components.
– and prove a criminal case.

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