Honest bike shop owner ready to ride at sunset

After 36 years in the business, one of Rochester’s most prominent pedal pushers says he and his bike shop have reached the end of the course.

Honest Bike Shop will permanently close on September 19, owner Paul Myhrom confirmed Thursday. Myhrom first opened in 1984 at 708 8th Avenue SE – most recently listed as the address of Kay Embroidered Designs – before moving to its current location on 4th Street SE in 2003.

While Myhrom says Covid-19 has put a strain on bike manufacturing and inventory, the pandemic hasn’t forced him to close the store (on the contrary, he says – business has actually been very good ).

Simply put, now was the time to call it a career. Myhrom turns 65 in February and the pandemic has presented an opportunity to come out on his own terms.

“It’s the perfect time to retire,” Myhrom said. “There is a shortage of stock for bikes, bike parts and accessories, so clearance should be very easy.”

Myhrom says Honest Bike Shop was the oldest dealer of Giant-branded bicycles — currently the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer — in America, working with the brand since its beginnings in America in 1988. With Myhrom’s decision to close the store instead of dropping by to name someone else, this streak will end — and Myhrom says he’s at peace with that fact.

“I’m very comfortable letting the company and the name dissolve into the story,” Myhrom said.

Myhrom owns the building and said he plans to lease the old bike shop front to a lawyer. As for what’s next for him, Myhrom says he plans to “chill and decompress for a while” in retirement – but that time won’t last forever.

“Later, I’ll probably want something to do,” Myhrom said.

Isaac Jahns is from Rochester and graduated in 2019 from the Missouri School of Journalism. He reports on politics, business and music for Med City Beat.

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