Joy e-bike maker WardWizard Mobility plans to build an auxiliary EV cluster

The company said this EV auxiliary cluster will manufacture various components for electric vehicles.

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Jan 24, 2022, 6:15 PM

The EV auxiliary cluster is expected to boost the electric vehicle infrastructure in India.

WardWizard Innovations Mobility Ltd., maker of Joy e-bikes, aims to set up an EV auxiliary cluster in Vadodara that will address supply chain issues for EV manufacturers. The company has partnered with the developers and developer group for this project.

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In a statement, the company said this EV auxiliary cluster will manufacture various components for electric vehicles. These include electric motor, chassis, steel parts, lithium-ion cell manufacturing unit, lithium-ion battery assembly unit, electric vehicle chargers, controllers , etc In addition, this cluster will have an R&D center and a production center for electronic components for electric vehicles.

The company claims that this auxiliary EV cluster will not only boost the EV ecosystem in India, but it will also generate jobs. This pole is supposed to create around 6,000 jobs. The company has already acquired an area of ​​four million square feet for the cluster.

This cluster will be used to manufacture two and three electric wheels. It is claimed that it is also used for R&D of electric four-wheelers and other projects.

The EV company claims that this cluster can address the existing challenges currently facing the electric vehicle industry in India. These include the raw material supply chain for the manufacture of electric vehicles. The company further claims that this hub will facilitate the growth of battery electric vehicles in India. WardWizard says it has already received letters of intent from six different companies to set up their factories on the site.

He hopes more companies will come from the domestic and international sectors. These companies setting up their factories in the cluster will benefit from free land, electricity, labor and infrastructure. In recent years, Gujarat has emerged as one of the leading states in terms of manufacturing electric vehicles. Several companies have set up their electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the state. The division should further boost this growth dynamic.

Date of first publication: January 24, 2022, 6:15 PM IST

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