Launch of Bikmo Bike Shop Insurance to offer premium protection to cycle retailers – Companies

Cycle insurance specialist Bikmo has announced the launch of Bikmo Bike Shop Insurance, a new product and service designed exclusively for cycle retailers looking for a personal and specialist approach to commercial insurance.

The announcement follows more than a year of work to create a policy that “packs a punch but doesn’t break the bank,” Bikmo said. Meanwhile, the company said it has taken a deep dive into the world of a modern bike shop by working with current retail partners to familiarize itself with the services they offer, the biggest worries facing bike shops. and to hear candid opinions on where existing solutions fall short.

According to Bikmo, the end result is a product that offers premium protection for the modern bike shop, combined with expert advice to ensure the font is set up to suit the customer. The policy is underwritten by Hiscox, which underwrites Bikmo’s bicycle insurance.

Bikmo CEO Dave George said: “Bikmo has a history of supporting bike shops. Since launching Bikmo Bike Insurance in 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of retailers protect their customers’ bikes and put money in their pockets with our Partner Claims Replacement Program.

“Offering trade assurance to bike shops feels like a natural move for us, and we hope it helps give retailers across the country more confidence and resilience to do what they do best.”

Ben Frith, Director of Commercial Insurance for Bikmo, added: “In an increasingly commoditized insurance landscape, I have heard firsthand how difficult it has become for bike shop owners to find comfortable insurance. In insurance, trust and confidence are key – it comes from the human touch – we’ll guide you through the options at your chosen pace.

“We’ve worked hard to create this new product, and we’re proud of its compelling features, but most of all I’m excited about the door it opens to deliver long-term gains for bike shops around the world.”

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