LETTERS: Allow e-bikes on trails; turn on the lights in Colorado Springs | Opinion

Allow e-bikes on the trails

Thank you for your recent article on e-bikes. As a 70-year-old, I really appreciate being able to get out and ride. I have enjoyed the Colorado Springs trails for over 27 years. Due to knee problems, I started riding an e-bike about four years ago. I’m so grateful that I can ride as far as I want, no matter how steep the terrain. It’s not about how fast I can go; it’s about being a courteous cyclist and respecting other cyclists.

On rare occasions, when I pass other runners, I always warn them and avoid getting too close. I have never met a rider who was too fast or discourteous on an electric bike! It’s not uncommon for a rider on a human-powered bike to pass me unexpectedly and at a speed that seems to be over 20 mph.

From my experience, I think the trails should be open to e-bikes. I would be quite surprised if there were any complaints about e-bikers, especially those ridden by older people. Hopefully the decision to allow e-bikes on the trails will be based on information obtained from those of us who ride the trails. Perhaps bike shops could help gather information by providing a suggestion box or some other way to solicit opinions.

Bill Hill

colorado springs

The root cause of this problem

Regarding Seth Klamann’s article “Check in on kids”, here is my opinion. I raised two children as a single father, worked as a 911 paramedic and now as an emergency technician. My children are now adults and have children of their own. I raised them in the 1990s, and they did well. But, back then, we didn’t impose views like critical race theory and questioning a child’s sexuality on their young minds. Nor did we have a Ministry of Education fighting to keep the teachings of public schools secret and fighting against the transparency of educational platforms.

When a teenager is taught to ignore their parents’ upbringing and advice in the classroom and sometimes even told to report their parents to the authorities, how would anyone expect a child to mentally respond? I won’t name historical names, but I’m pointing the finger at our government as the root cause of this problem.

Cape Kaplar

colorado springs

Turn the lights back on

Re: The article “City working towards ‘smart’ streetlights” by Mary Shinn. Before the city adds additional functionality to our streetlights, they must turn all of these streetlights back on to perform their primary function. There are streets in our city that have 2 or 3 lampposts but are completely dark at night. I understand that we turned off half of our streetlights years ago to save money, but those days are over.

Let’s check those 29,000 or so lights to make sure they’re working properly. So let’s turn them all back on. Once they all perform their main function, we can add additional functionality.

David Geuting

colorado springs

tell people what they think

Many letters I have read in the Gazette purport to tell one group or another what they think or want. Bert Bergland’s letter of February 8 says that “the one on the left wants to reduce and definance”. It refers to the police. I haven’t voted for a Republican for any office since the 70’s, so I think that probably qualifies me as a “lefty”, and I don’t think so!

I know there are people who want to take funding away from the police, and it’s usually because they or someone they know has suffered at the hands of the police. I certainly understand their reasoning. I think the problem is that Republicans have been funding the police for years. They don’t say they want to defund the police, but their tax policies do just that. TABOR has been defunding the police for years!

We need more police and better training. We have to pay our taxes! We get what we pay for.

James Ash

colorado springs

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