Over 100 giant e-bikes were stolen from a truck in the A12 theft

Giant has revealed that 127 of the manufacturer’s e-bikes were stolen from a lorry in England, less than a month after Shimano components for 10,000 bikes were raided by a criminal gang at a German motorway service station .

The theft took place yesterday morning on the A12 between London and Lowestoft. Giant says the thieves broke through the container locks before unloading all the bikes onto another vehicle, leaving the truck empty.

The cargo container carried Giant’s new 2022 e-bike models including the Reign E+ 0 MX Pro MTB (worth £7,500), Reign E+ 2 MX Pro, FastRoad E+ EX Pro, Talon E+ 29er Sport and the Talon. E+ Sports.

Giant UK Managing Director Ian Beasant said: “We ask our retailers and the cycling community to be wary of these goods circulating in the market.”

The brand also confirmed that consumers and retailers affected by the theft will be contacted directly.

Police are currently investigating the incident. Giant has asked anyone with information to contact its UK team on 0800 015 9110 or email Sales [at] giant-bikes.com.

> Great Chain Robbery: Shimano components for 10,000 bikes stolen from HGVs by criminals using sleeping gas

This latest targeting of bike manufacturers by organized criminals comes less than a month after BIKE FUN International (BFI), the largest Czech bike producer, suffered a shocking robbery at a motorway rest area who saw Shimano components for 10,000 bikes stolen.

The thieves allegedly released sleeping gas into the cabin before looting the cargo, which was mostly loaded with expensive e-bike parts, leaving only nine boxes of low-end components.

BFI said the theft, which happened Jan. 21, was almost certainly pre-planned and warned other producers that bicycle components could be a new target for organized crime.

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