Promotional discounts on high-end electric bikes from Gogobest

Electric bikes and scooters are becoming more and more popular all over the world, regardless of the region. Popularity is driven by the accessibility and flexibility of these bikes. Even a person in bad shape can take a long ride and switch to assisted or semi-assisted mode if necessary. This is an awesome feature, which also helps the increase in exercise that mankind so badly needs. E-bikes and e-scooters are also not very expensive anymore and even top models can be found at very reasonable prices. And today we have another confirmation thanks to the promotional event on the GOGOBEST online store.

This promo is available until the end of March and offers very interesting models of electric bikes and electric scooters. There are also enticing special promotional offers in addition to the price reductions themselves. Like the “Buy one, get one free” bonus for the chosen e-bikes featured below. With the purchase of the e-bike, you automatically get a bicycle rear light for free, which is a good idea. And for good measure, there are even additional discount coupons on top of the actual sales. Discounts on top of other discounts, that’s how we like it.

Bezior X1500

Let’s start with the Bezior X1500 electric bike. It is an electric folding mountain bike model with big tires (26×4 inches) and a powerful 1500W brushless motor. Thanks to this, you can reach the speed up to 40 km/h and the large 48V/12.8 Ah battery can provide up to 100 km of mileage. These are pretty solid specs. You can also consider other great features such as Shimano 27-level drive system, double oil spring suspension, double hydraulic disc brake, smart LCD cyclo computer, 200 max load kg and much more. And with the help of discount coupon P6CZFNWDM1MS you can get the price down to just €1,409.99. Available in black-green or black-yellow from EU warehouse.



Or you can choose another mountain bike with similar big tires, but this time non-folding, with the GOGOBEST GF600 model. This one can offer 1000W brushless motor with speed again up to 40km/h, which you only need 4.9 seconds to reach. And the large 48V/13 Ah battery promises a range of up to 110 km in assisted mode. And the removable battery design makes charging even easier. Again, you also get a dual-oil suspension fork, then a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, ZOOM mechanical disc brakes, an LCD computer and more. Discount coupon 5HJMPCWNB7K3 will then be deliver the final price of € 1,254.99. And of course also in black-green or black-yellow from the EU warehouse.

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