Rapidly rising fuel prices boost e-bike sales in the capital | Bhubaneswar News

Bhubaneswar: Following a sharp rise in gasoline prices, the sale of electric vehicles has increased significantly in the state. Apart from the increase in petroleum products, state government subsidies and growing environmental awareness have also pushed the sale of electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles not only offer a cheaper mode of transport, but they are also environmentally friendly, users said.
“Last year around this time, I sold about 30 e-bikes in a month. This year, more than 100 e-bikes are sold per month. With rising gas prices, People choose e-bikes for their value for money and other advantages. By charging three hours, an e-bike travels 160 km at a speed of 85 km/h,” said Santosh Kumar Sahu, an e-bike dealer.
As per the State Government Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, customers can avail a 15% subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles. “For two-wheelers, the subsidy will be 15% of the cost up to a maximum of Rs 5,000. While the ceiling of the 15% subsidy for three-wheelers is Rs 10,000, it is 000 rupees for four-wheelers,” an official source said.
“E-bikes are the best option now. Previously, I used to spend Rs 500 per week on petrol for my bike, but now even Rs 1,000 is not enough. After purchasing an e-bike, I not only save on gas cost, but also enjoy benefits such as maintenance-free and high speed,” said Satya Ranjan Mishra, an e-bike professional. marketing.
The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has already announced the establishment of seven EV charging stations across the city and an extensive reduction on EV parking.
“There is no doubt that the benefits of e-bikes are many, but their prices are almost double those of gas-powered bikes. Therefore, people think twice before investing in e-bikes,” said Ganesh Chandra Lenka, another e-bike dealer.

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