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CAYCE, SC (AP) — A town in central South Carolina is using a new type of vehicle to help with patrols.

The Cayce Police Department on Thursday unveiled three new e-bikes it has added to its fleet, the state reported.

“It is extremely important, and increasingly necessary, that police use every tool possible to take care of our cities,” Cayce Police Chief Chris Cowan said in a statement. “Unique to Cayce is our pursuit of E-Tech to law enforcement efforts, adding solar power and electrical resources. This allows us to reduce our impact on the environment, reduce costs to taxpayers, and increase the speed and duration of resource deployment – all part and parcel of our efforts to continue to make Cayce a safe place. where to live, work and play. ”

E-bikes are e-bikes that are more nimble than typical police cruisers and require less manpower than a regular pedal bike. The bikes were paid for by Jim Hudson Automotive Group, the statement said.

Mayor Elise Partin thanked the automotive group for its partnership.

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“Jim chose Cayce because, like us, he believes in community policing and is a good environmental steward,” she said.

Cayce spokesperson Ashley Hunter said the bikes will allow the department to have a greater community presence in neighborhoods.

The Cayce Public Safety Foundation also purchased a new solar-powered “speed trailer,” which is a portable electric speed limit sign that flashes if a driver is speeding.

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