Specialized launches Globe Cargo e-bikes

  • Specialized Teased information about a new line of Globe e-cargo bikes, to help more cyclists replace car (or car, altogether) trips with e-bike trips.
  • Globe will start taking orders in 2022 and deliver bikes in early 2023.

    Specialized has been in the e-bike market for years, but with the relaunch of its Globe brand and a line of utility e-bikes for commuters, they’re stepping forward to help people replace cars with bikes altogether.

    “Most daily car trips are short, joyless, and bad for your wallet and the planet,” Specialized said. Press release Explain. “Globe is an extension of the Specialized brand that aims to bring more fun to local life while reducing the number of car, truck and SUV trips needed for daily transportation.”

    There aren’t many details available yet, but what we can see by the adorably cactus-studded image released by Specialized is that the e-bike has sturdy wheels and tires, fenders and lights. wheels, a rear hub motor, highly adjustable seat heights and cargo mounting options. Cacti, presumably, are not included. (We also wouldn’t recommend riding around them, it seems like a recipe for disaster.)

    “Cargo and child transport are two of Globe’s many uses, as we take the concept of ‘any bike’ quite literally,” said Saul Leiken, Global Category Leader for Globe. The edge. “Globe is not locked into any particular pilot experience.”

    The Globe brand itself has been a more utilitarian branch of Specialized since the 1990s, the Edge reports, and emphasizes the longevity as well as the affordability of its products. The Globe bikes will not impact Specialized’s current e-bike offerings, but rather complement them for a different sector of the cycling market.

    While it’s unclear how customers will be able to purchase the bikes, chances are that ordering direct from the website is an option. (Although the company cited an “ongoing partnership with independent local bike shops” through its Globe brand.) Earlier this year, Specialized made waves when the brand announcement that it would offer direct-to-consumer options on its website for US customers. And last week, Specialized announcement a new recruit: Armin Landgraf is now the head of global markets, having served as CEO of Canyon Bicycle, a company founded on selling bicycles directly to consumers.

    Globe’s goal is to start taking orders later this year, with the first bikes arriving in early 2023 for US customers.

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