Syracuse will quadruple its electric bikes and scooters in the spring

Syracuse will get four times the number of electric scooters and e-bikes from last year once the snow thaws.

The city has approved Chicago-based transportation company Veo to increase Syracuse’s fleet to 50 pedal bicycles, 225 motorized pedal electric bicycles and 225 electric scooters in the spring.

Additionally, scooters and bicycles will no longer include locks, but cyclists can still park at city bike racks. Bikers and scooter users can still use the VeoRide app to find parking spots and locate available bikes and scooters.

Riders with a Veo account can now pay for more than one ride at a time, so only one person in a group needs to be registered.

Riders can get $5 into their account with promo code “springride” through April 6. All vehicles cost $1 to unlock. A bike then costs 20 cents per minute to ride, scooters cost 31 cents per minute, and seated scooters cost 35 cents per minute.

This means that a 15-minute ride across town would cost a scooter user $5.65, a standing scooter user $6.25, and a biker about $4.

The bike share program was implemented in Syracuse last year.

“We started slowly with plans for growth, and based on last year’s high ridership and positive community feedback, we are expanding and improving the program with Veo across the city,” said the Mayor of Syracuse, Ben Walsh.

Jules Struck writes about life and culture in and around Syracuse. Contact her anytime at [email protected] or on Instagram at julesstruck.journo.

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