The best electric bikes of 2022

eRonin Alchemy ($10,999)

(Photo: Courtesy of Alchemy)

E-gravel bikes are a great way to explore new routes and conquer climbs you might otherwise have avoided. This Colorado-made Class 1 carbon model weighs 29 pounds, as tested with Shimano’s GRX electronic drivetrain. It also has a unique drive system: unlike most gravel bikes, the designers of the eRonin combine the motor and 250 watt-hour battery into a single removable unit that provides a power boost of up to 20 miles per hour. Want to go analog? Simply remove the downtube drive unit and replace it with a cover that turns the empty space into a cargo compartment, saving you seven pounds. Some e-bikes feel like a chore to ride beyond their maximum assisted speed. Not the eRonin. Its mid-mounted Fazua Evation motor has minimal resistance, and while we wish the top speed was a bit higher, especially when trying to keep up with a group of fit gravel racers, the eRonin never felt like a dead weight when we passed the engine output.

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LeMond Prolog ($4,795)

Prologue by LeMond
(Photo: Courtesy of LeMond)

If you’re part of the generation that grew up idolizing Greg LeMond, it might be time to invest in an e-bike to keep up with your kids. Its striking good looks and low weight make it our favorite for everyday driving, though we’re nervous to leave it locked up longer than it takes to order a latte. A sleek carbon frame, one-piece carbon handlebar and stem, carbon wheels ($1,800 extra), and a Shimano 1×11 GRX drivetrain keep the overall weight of the bike at a measly 26 pounds. The 250-watt Mahle X35+ hub-mounted motor is smooth and quiet, with pedal assist up to 20 miles per hour. We averaged 45 miles per charge during testing, and an external battery (available separately) can increase the bike’s range by 70%, which is great for longer rides and gravel adventures. Even without the engine running, the Prolog has a light and lively ride that puts an end to range anxiety. The bike’s low weight also makes it a great option for apartment dwellers who need to carry bikes up multiple stairs.

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Original Bunch Bikes ($3,999)

Original Bike Bouquet
(Photo: Courtesy of Bunch)

Bunch Bikes’ goal is to make European-inspired cargo bikes a mainstream transportation option for North American families. To that end, the Original is less of a bike and more of a three-wheeler, with seating for four children in the roomy front trunk. It can also hold a week’s worth of groceries or your favorite four-legged friends. Bunch makes it easy to customize the Original to your liking with accessories like a rain cover, sun canopy, toddler seats and a dog bed. The 500-watt hub-mounted motor has a maximum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour and provides enough cranking to ride efficiently, even while carrying two kids and four bags of groceries. In testing, on a full charge like this, the Original’s average range was 27.5 miles per charge, which is good enough for most runs around town. This three-wheeler’s turning radius is large compared to most two-wheelers, but we think it’s a worthwhile trade-off for its stability, which is a great attribute when hauling heavy loads ( or excited children).

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Current GT E-Grade ($3,350)

Current GT E-Grade
(Photo: Courtesy of GT)

The Current E-Grade is the electric equivalent of GT’s popular gravel bike. This Class 1 flat-bar version is equipped with gravel-ready 40-millimeter WTB Nano tires and neutral handling, so it’s equally suited to recreational rides and races. We’ve tested many e-bikes with the Mahle Ebikemotion X35 hub-mounted drive system and are consistently impressed with its natural feel, low drag and color-coded interface, which is integrated into the top tube. Riders can switch between three modes with a maximum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour. The slim 250 watt-hour battery housed in the downtube has enough range for most excursions (we covered 40 miles on a single charge). At 31 pounds, it’s not as light as LeMond’s Prolog, but testers noted that the durable aluminum frame and understated looks are important features for an e-bike that can be confined in very public spaces. frequented such as offices, university campuses and cafes. It’s a great e-bike for commuters and casual riders looking for a no-frills ride.

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