Tighter restrictions coming to San Diego for e-bikes and scooters – NBC 7 San Diego

The way you ride an e-scooter or e-bike could change this summer. The San Diego City Council has approved changes that tighten existing rules governing shared vehicles.

The city has tentatively approved rules that would require scooter and bike companies to handle complaints and enforce violators of the new rules themselves. Scooters and e-bikes would also be banned from riding or parking on sidewalks. They should be left inside painted corrals on city streets. Cyclists should use designated roads or cycle paths.

“Finally, in 2022 we’re getting proper regulations, which is where we should have been in 2018,” said a smiling Jonathan Freeman of Safe Walkways.

“We’re not anti-scooter,” Freeman added. “We are pro-pedestrian safety.”

The City of San Diego was unsure when the new ordinance would go into effect. That is expected to happen sometime after July 31, when the city’s current contracts with seven companies expire. The city will reduce the number of companies under contract to four, limiting the number of electric bikes and scooters available to 8,000, from 11,000 previously.

The new rules will also prohibit the rental of scooters and bicycles between 00:00 and 02:30.

Freeman said the measures were going in the right direction, but he wondered who would enforce the new rules.

“The city is taking a very, very passive approach,” Freeman said with a shrug. “The fact that there is a regulation, however, does not mean that it is going to be enforced.”

Under the new rules, businesses should respond to a complaint within an hour. They have three hours under the current rules.

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