Victoria charity receives backlash after Dr Bonnie Henry wins e-bikes and deletes posts – 100 Mile House Free Press

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation deleted a tweet on Friday June 3 about Dr Bonnie Henry winning a fundraising lottery prize, after the post fueled a significant amount of hate online.

Many people have suggested the draw for two e-bikes was rigged or that Henry’s win represented a conflict of interest, but the charity says the winner was randomly selected from 4,226 tickets by a computer application.

They released a statement outlining the details of their lottery process on June 4 in hopes of suppressing any public theory.

“VHF does not discriminate against any eligible member of the community who wishes to participate in our public lotteries. As clearly stated on our website and social media platforms, all draws are random. We are not allowed to redo a draw if we are not satisfied with the outcome of a draw,” the statement read.

While we understand that some members of the community are discouraged by the outcome of this draw, we remain confident that all proper protocols were followed and executed. »

They added that Henry is not an employee of the foundation.

Tweeting about its decision to delete the original post on Friday, the foundation said it fueled too much unnecessary hate.

“This year we have seen our online community either love healthcare workers or vilify them. After so much, like everything in life, you can choose to leave if it doesn’t help. And that’s what we chose to do,” they tweeted.

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