Wheaton’s new e-bike shop is on the rise

Here is Good News Sunday, a compilation of some of the most upbeat and inspiring stories published by the Daily Herald recently:

A husband and wife took a long road trip – about 200 miles from Appleton, Wis. – to buy an e-bike from a new store in downtown Wheaton.

Other out-of-town customers are willing to drive from New Lenox and Joliet.

Their enthusiasm for e-bikes made the Pedego store exactly what it was meant to be: a destination breathing new life into the south side of downtown.

The e-bike craze prompted Jeff Alvis to come out of retirement after a career in management consulting. He switched gears and opened the store – the only Pedego dealer in the western suburbs – after sensing a business opportunity last year when a friend tipped him off to the hot e-bike market.

“We’ve had a lot of couples, either the man or the woman is a good cyclist and the other isn’t, but they want to ride together,” he said.

Alvis discovered how much fun it is to run a store with his wife, Andie, and their business partners, Bill and Karen Budicin, a couple from Lisle.

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St. Theresa’s students entertain seniors at St. Joseph’s in Palatine

Sixth-grade students at Sainte-Therese share a safe, socially distant greeting with residents of the Saint-Joseph seniors’ home in Palatine. The trip to St. Joseph is a 10+ year tradition that had to be revised this year due to COVID-19 after being canceled a year ago.
– Brian Hill | Personal photographer

The sixth-grade class from Sainte-Thérèse de Palatine School recently made the trip to nearby Saint-Joseph Seniors’ Home to deliver entertainment and gift bags to its residents.

The cheerful group of 40 students were supported by the horns of passing cars and trucks on the Northwest Road to the house.

Once there, they were greeted by about 25 eager residents, who were seated along the sidewalk of the facility’s cul-de-sac.

Students shared jokes, performed Shakespeare and read an original story: “The Chicken Who Couldn’t Cross the Road,” written by sixth-grade student Megan Oleksak.

The student trip to St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly is a more than 10-year tradition that had to be revised this year due to COVID-19 after being canceled a year ago, according to St. Theresa’s Terri Kolbus.

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Batavia woman honored for helping seniors book vaccine appointments

Plagued by the pandemic, seniors across the Batavia region have found the almost “Hunger Games”-like battle to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment not only frustrating, but downright daunting.

Enter Batavia’s mother, Erin Cluts.

In January, Cluts began tracking down and booking vaccination appointments for elderly people in the Batavia region, many of whom could not navigate the maze of the online system. To date, Cluts has helped about 100 or more seniors get vaccination appointments.

In honor of her dedication, the Batavia Senior Citizens Club of the Batavia Park District and Mayor Jeffery Schielke proclaimed May 19 Erin Cluts Day and presented her with a framed copy of the official proclamation.

“It’s about celebrating our community and what we do in tough times,” Cluts said. “It’s not about me, it’s about the community and what we do when we come together.”

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Opening of farmers’ markets for the season

If you wish, you can visit a farmers market every day of the week.

That’s what we learned while compiling a list of suburban farmers’ markets.

Several markets are already open. Some are opening this weekend; and some open next week or later.

You can find more than just fresh fruits and vegetables at most of these markets. Many of them include local products such as soaps, vinegars and oils, honey, baked goods, and even handicrafts such as jewelry and home decor.

Consult our list published Thursday, May 20 in the Voisin section. There was also a special section on Farmers Markets in the Wednesday May 26 paper.

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