Wildly popular e-bikes banned from club outings in The Villages

The Villages’ largest cycling club has announced that a class of e-bikes have been banned from their club rides.

Throttle-controlled Class 2 e-bikes are not covered by Sumter Landing Bicycle Club’s liability insurance company and are therefore prohibited from participating in SLBC rides. Bike club members are well known for adhering to strict safety protocols.

E-bikes are popular sellers at local bike shops and a new store has opened at Trailwinds Village in Wildwood specializing exclusively in e-bikes.

Blue modern mid drive motor e bike pedelec with electric motor center mount. Battery powered ebike isolated on white background. Innovative transport concept.

However, e-bikes have caused a major split in the cycling community, between purists of traditional pedaling and those who like to ride with the freedom of electronic assistance.

“Giving the rider more control over how power is transmitted to the ground, a Class 2 e-bike adds a rider-controlled throttle into the mix. This throttle can work in addition to a bike’s pedal assist or independently of it, propelling the bike up to 20 mph and maintaining that speed without the rider having to turn the pedals,” according to a review from the e-bike report.

Electric bikes are authorized on the multimodal paths of the Villages.

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