Wisper now offers a limited run of full-throttle e-bikes

Wisper Bikes is now offering a limited run of its traditional line of e-bikes (806, 705 and 905) with full throttle that will propel the bikes up to 15.5mph without pedaling.

“I’m especially excited to be able to offer full-throttle bikes again,” said founder and director David Miall. “They’re more inclusive than standard e-bikes, allowing those who need a little more help to discover or rediscover the joys of cycling.”

To be able to offer this capability, Wisper Bikes had a batch of their bikes tested by the DVSA and they have now been homologated as 250W low power mopeds.

250W LPM 250 Watt Low Power Moped.
It is a sub-group of low power mopeds which meets the criteria set out in the Electrically Assisted Cycles Regulations 1983 (SI 1983 No 1168) as amended by SI 2015 No 24. requirements are that the vehicle:

– Be provided with pedals by means of which it is likely to be propelled
– Be fitted with any motor other than an electric motor, which has a maximum continuous power rating, which does not exceed 250 watts and cannot propel the vehicle when traveling at more than 15.5 mph

This means these bikes can now be ridden legally on private roads and grounds in the UK at speeds of up to 15.5mph using only the throttle. These bikes will be sold direct from Wisper’s headquarters in Sevenoaks, Kent, with plans to roll out these bikes nationwide over the coming year.

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Wisper said he hopes offering such e-bikes will allow people who might have difficulty riding a standard electric-assist e-bike to be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of bikes. The bikes will also provide a fast, eco-friendly and economical option for urban commuters.

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