Yamaha unveils new electric moped, plus e-bikes and scooters

We knew Yamaha was soon to have a big reveal as part of the brand’s new “Switch ON” campaign to showcase its electric vehicle, but we were surprised by how many vehicles Yamaha finally brought to the scene. With six new electric two-wheelers on show, Yamaha caused a stir and underlined its commitment to lightweight electric vehicles ranging from e-bikes to e-scooters in the 50cc to 125cc equivalent class.

The star of the show was perhaps the most radical two-wheeler on stage, the Yamaha B01.

The eye-catching trellis frame creates a stepper bike that fits right into the electric moped category with its chunky street tires and mid-mounted electric motor linked to a pedal drivetrain.

In fact, the bike looks so good it even conjures up memories of another recently revealed e-bike, the Fantastic Isimo. I recently saw the Issimo in person at the Milan Motorcycle Show and it’s an electric moped beauty.

Turns out, Yamaha seems to have teamed up with Fantic, resulting in the Issimo ending up on the Yamaha stage adorned with a new Yamaha badge.

Whatever its name, the bike certainly embodies a new design to challenge many of the same older recycled moped designs we’ve seen over the years.

Yamaha offered specs of up to 45 km/h (28 mph), making it a speed e-bike in Europe (similar to a Class 3 e-bike in the US).

It looks like Yamaha is planning to bring the B01 concept to life.

As Eric De Seynes, President of Yamaha Motors Europe explained:

“His future will come true sooner. We will start production of this vehicle within a year, starting in 2023.”

It’s hard to say what motor and battery Yamaha plans to put in the B01.

The Fantic Issimo came with a Bafang M500 mid-drive motor in the urban version of the bike, and the company paired it with a 630 Wh battery. Yamaha may very well want to use its own brand of engine instead of going with a Chinese alternative like Bafang, but that remains to be seen as the B01 progresses towards production.

Electric bikes for gravel, streets and mountains

Yamaha also introduced three e-bikes in the categories of gravel bikes, road/commuter bikes and mountain bikes.

The gravel bike is the Yamaha Wabash RT and the commuter bike is the Yamaha CrossCore RC. Both were also unveiled in the US, where we got to see the full specs. The bikes share the same Yamaha-developed 500W mid-drive motors as well as the same 500Wh batteries.

The third bike, a dedicated full-suspension e-MTB, seemed to be shrouded in some sort of digital camouflage.

While the Yamaha Motor Europe team made it look like a new model, it may well be new to Europe as it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Yamaha YDX Moro previously unveiled in the US. This e-bike uses an innovative triangulated frame that tucks the rear suspension inside the two-piece top tube. It’s a nifty way to increase suspension travel while saving lots of battery space.

50cc and 125cc electric scooter equivalents

Finally, we finally had the chance to see the two electric scooters we were really waiting for.

The Yamaha E01 concept that we first saw in 2019 has finally launched as the new NEOS. A second NEOS scooter has also been unveiled alongside the E01’s offspring, although we haven’t received any detailed technical specs on either model. Instead, we’re told we’ll have to wait “a few more weeks” to find out more.

Both scooters are likely to compete well in the European market, leveraging Yamaha’s brand heritage and technological prowess in two-wheeler design.

What do you think of Yamaha’s new electric two-wheelers? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

And to help you gather your thoughts, watch the full unveiling ceremony in the video from Yamaha Motor Europe below.

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