You can now “change” any bike with electric bikes that have a range of 70 km

On January 7, 2022, GoZero Mobility, a company that designs its e-bikes in Britain but manufactures them in India, unveiled its unique “Switch” campaign. The main feature of this campaign is that it allows customers to bring their conventional bikes of any brand at a price between Rs 7,000 and Rs 25,000 and exchange them for a new GoZero electric bike. (Image above: on the left, a boy riding a conventional bicycle and on the right, a GoZero electric bicycle)

“You can swap out any conventional bike and swap it out for the top three GoZero e-bike models – Mile X, Skellig X, and Skelling ProX. There are certain parameters regarding the bike you can swap in. We take two things into consideration different sizes – 26 inches (designed for people between 5 feet and the smaller end of 6 feet) and 27.5 inches,” says Sumit Ranjan, co-founder of GoZero Mobility, speaking for The best India.

Priced at Rs 34,999, the Mile X has a battery life of 45 hours on a single charge (pedal assist mode), reaches a top speed of 25 km/h and takes 3 hours to fully recharge. Powered by a 250W BLDC hub motor, it comes with an LCD display that shows your current speed, last ride distance, battery charge level and operates your headlights.

If the battery or motor is not working or there is a problem with the controller, the rider will receive an error code on the LCD screen that specifies what the exact problem is with the e-bike. All of their e-bikes, including the Mile X, come with modular components and removable batteries that customers can charge at home, in the office, and more.

The Skellig X, on the other hand, comes with a 45km battery range on a single charge, but comes with a fancier composite steel frame and larger LCD screen.

Priced at Rs 45,999, the Pro X offers 70km battery range on a single charge and 5-level pedal assist. It has a 400Wh lithium battery (2000 charge cycles), which takes about 3 hours to recharge from 0-90%. The dashboard is highlighted by the GoZero Drive Control Version 4.0 LCD screen and there is also a flashlight with a guide-me-home activated system.

It gets a tough build with its composite mild steel frame and front suspension fork, mated to an alloy stem grip. Customers get a two-year battery warranty on the Pro X, while other models offer a one-year warranty. Besides the e-bike, cyclists will also receive a charger.

Sumit Ranjan, co-founder of GoZero Mobility

How does the Switch campaign work?

Over the past month, over 500 bikes have been traded in. However, the campaign will be valid for less than two months until April 9, 2022. How can I exchange my bike?

It starts with calling the GoZero Mobility helpline number and finding the nearest dealership. Once a customer has found the dealer, show the conventional bike to be traded in, after which the dealer will contact the GoZero team.

“Our company has a team dedicated to this program. We have developed our algorithm to calculate the value of the old bike. Once calculated, we offer a 20-40% discount on the purchase of our electric bike,” notes Sumit.

Swap your bike for this e-bike
Swap your bike for this e-bike

Why should cyclists trade in their bike for an e-bike?

“We have a growing customer base who are educating themselves and considering e-bikes as their next upgrade. For us, the end use or motive for this campaign is to refurbish all collected bikes and use them for internal purposes. This small step is also directed towards our larger goal of clean and emission-free mobility. Consumers always choose to be different, the idea of ​​this campaign is why settle for less,” says Sumit.

Also, many people have bicycles at home but do not use them regularly, except for avid cyclists. “For most people, bikes are often left at home and sit largely unused. We offer them the possibility to upgrade the bikes to a GoZero electric bike. With our electric bikes, cyclists benefit from many features such as the “Throttle” mode where they can use it like a scooter and the “Pedal-Assist” mode. As for the latter, each time you pedal the e-bike, the motor will provide additional assistance. Plus, you can increase or decrease the assist level and even turn it off completely and ride it like a normal bike,” he explains.

GoZero Mobility started operations in 2019. They started the business in Kolkata but moved their base to Delhi-NCR. Today, the company has manufacturing plants in Kolkata and Gurugram.

After the Switch campaign, GoZero plans to expand its presence in northeast India. It has partnered with Kolkata-based Kirti Solar for product development and manufacturing and earlier this month announced plans to invest $1 million for the same.

(Editing by Yoshita Rao)

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